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Clariyo - Simplify Any Text to A Level You Understand

Clariyo empowers students at all levels by enhancing their reading comprehension. Our cutting-edge tool seamlessly simplifies complex words, sentences, and paragraphs, transforming them into easily digestible formats.



Personalized learning

Students can have text explained a level of 1-5 depending on their individual need.


Keep teachers, parents, and administrators in the loop with a real time dashboard of what students are struggling with

Translation to multiple languages

Translations available in Spanish and French

Text to Speech

 Read explanations aloud for learners who prefer to listen.

Meet Clariyo's All-in-One Solution for Better Learning

Simplify texts across all subjects and grade levels.

Step : 1 

Highlight the text you would like simplified


Step : 2

Right click.


Step : 3

Select “Explain” from the drop down menu


Clariyo bridges the gap between students and educators by keeping them in the loop.

Personalized Learning 

At Clariyo, we believe that every student is unique, with their own learning style and pace. Our first core value is to provide personalized learning experiences that cater to the individual needs of each student, ensuring they can navigate their educational journey with confidence and ease.



We believe that the joy of learning comes from the thrill of exploration and discovery. Our second core value is to foster a learning environment that ignites students' natural curiosity, encouraging them to explore new subjects and expand their horizons with enthusiasm and wonder.

Improve Outcomes

Teachers, parents, and administrators are able to review and analyze what students are having explained on our dashboard. Identify trends in topics students are struggling in, automatically flag when multiple students highlight similar concepts, assess reading levels, and more.

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